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Through years of experience we’re capable of carrying out all stages of a design, including the modeling and detailing process.

We are equipped with a team of highly qualified architects and designers who have a deep knowledge of architectural design softwares.

BIMcorp has the knowledge on an amplitude of project types and at a number of stages of the process throughout the design.

Some of our services include:

3D models.

Reinforcement in the detailing of CAD.

Modeling of architectural elements and drafting through CAD.

Arrangement of site drawings.



Bimcorpinc grants General Contractors solutions through computerized designs to ensure the adequate and cost effective development of their projects.

Structural and Architectural Modeling
In order to assure the constructability of a proposed design, through the latest most updated software out in the market, BIMcorp models all its projects in 3D, this way we’re capable of easily and effectively finding and solving clashes with structural and architectural elements and all other trades.

The modeling of these elements not only facilitates the MEP coordination service offered by BIMcorp, but also allows BIMcorp to offer 4D and 5D services as well, such as material take offs and logistics.

Integrated Project Delivery

Progressively, as part of our Integrated Project Delivery process, we also provide contractors with BIM based solutions. Mostly recognized as “IPD”, this is a process established to gather the talents and insights of all involved in order to drop to a minimum waste and furthermore optimize the efficiency through all the stages of the design, fabrication and construction.

Not only does IPD reinforce common practices and common software for design (modeling) but it also ensures that there is a common understanding around the management of design data including online collaboration, controlled file sharing and controlling of design updates. IPD also focuses on bringing the supply chain closer together, earlier in the process, so that the entire project team can contribute to design as well as construction decisions.

IPD’s goals, aside from emphasizing on common procedures and software for modeled designs, also guarantees a standard knowledge around the management of design data in addition to web collaboration, controlled file sharing and controlling of design updates. A long other things, IPD sets its purposes around bringing the supply chain together, earlier in the process , so that the project is oriented by a number and variety of perspectives conformed by the team working on it, this including decisions devoted to contribute to designs as well as construction.




BIMcorp has extensive experience in the implementation of projects related to exploration, production and refining of oil and gas.

  • Extensive experience with projects in various exploration and production facilities, refineries, petrochemical plants, gas compression systems and transportation systems.

  • Multicultural multidisciplinary team consisting of professionals and technicians.

  • Operational flexibility



  • Preinvestment (feasibility studies and economic evaluation)

  • Environmental consulting


  • Conceptual, Basic, FEL, FEED, detail, field.

  • Design in 2D and 3D

Project Management


  • Facilitate the Acquisition of Equipment and Materials

  • Automated system control of materials

  • Registration of suppliers and contractors


  • Supervision and management

  • Planned shutdowns

  • Permissions Management

  • Turnkey EPC projects


Startup and commissioning

Operation and Maintenance

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