BIM Coordination


The coordination of BIM systems facilitates coordination in the real, because they are avoided conflict and interference are at the time the facilities.
We have tools necessary for proper coordination of systems, in addition to coordinating the disciplines to be used. We conduct virtual meetings, coordinating with architects, engineers and/or managers of works, facilitating the process of coordination of tasks, setting deadlines, and especially showing development progress of the work.

Using an easy to use and based in web technology, we have the presentation of project status, hours spent, email notification of completed jobs, CAD files and pdf, reports terminating events, performance schedule, and storage important document in the project.

Building Conflict Reporting / Clash Detection


We carry out the coordination of all models generated with CAD files using a Software appropiate as Naviswork, facilitates do precise collision detection and clash reports. Multiple CAD and/or BIM platforms can be imported into a single file.
For contractors there is a remarkable return of investment:

• Improving construction costs by identifying and correcting clashes before the construction team is onsite.

• Allowing more fabrication to happen off-site, greatly improving yard management activities.

Procurement and Quantity Take-Offs (QTO)


The primordial necesitad for the acquisition of building components is the quantification of the same. Conducting the study of all needs, using accurate data, and evaluating each option efficiently. Maximizing the value of the models, through the generation of qtos from BIM models is the goal that Bimcorp provides.

4D Scheduling / Construction Sequencing


Besides the 3D build model, this time factor, 4D, that is a fundamental part of demarches to construct, because it shows the sequence of development work factor estimated for each time step.
In Bimcorpinc use a project managing who provides reports function of time, represented in Grantt diagram, for easy understanding.

5D Cost Estimation


The fifth dimension in BIM is cost, estimated through the amount of materials to be employed in the construction, these costs are defined from the virtual models.

Generating an approximation depending on the actual cost of materials used in the virtual model, any change in the model will generate a new estimate of costs.

Facilitating to the project managers, balance sheet of costs according to the materials required at every stage, helping to make design decisions ingieneril.

BIM for Prefabrication and Fabrication


The Bimcorpinc team performs the prefabrication, through the BIM process, of a big variety of construction components, by the specifications of each customer, performing well an appropriate design for each case. As architectural, structural or MEP, to help in the process of manufacture of complex components.

Preventing future design problems save you time for the constructor