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Atlanta BIMForum Call for Presentation

Call for Proposals | Fall 2016

The BIMForum is now accepting proposals for the Fall BIMForum conference, October 17-19, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fall 2016 Theme: “What is the new standard for professional coordination?”

Examining the changing standard of care for designers, builders, and owners

Model-based coordination has consistently ranked as one of the most popular BIM uses in the building industry. Constructability issues are almost always more cost effective to be resolved in the virtual world rather than on the job site.

With all this hype, are we truly developing a new professional standard of care that can guide designers, builders and owners towards effective results?

The Fall BIMForum will explore best practices in professional coordination from Architects, Engineers, Builders and Owners. We encourage proposals to thoughtfully consider how project stakeholders have addressed the following:

  • Establishing a collaborative environment
  • Organizing the coordination process
  • Conducting truly effective coordination meetings
  • Measuring the real-world results of professional coordination
  • Owners’ engagement in the coordination process
  • Design Assist and its impact on coordination
  • Handoff from design coordination to construction
  • Use of LOD (Levels of Development)